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Abilitations Body Pod, Medium, Lycra, Royal Blue

Item #: 2021359

Use Body Pods to demonstrate concepts of shape, space, and visual motor coordination.

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Step into the Abilitations Body Pod to create your own personal cocoon space. Made of soft, stretchy and breathable nylon fabric it’s perfect for providing deep touch pressure input. Great for use to support as part of good self-regulation for calming/organizing and providing spatial boundary definition especially for individuals on the autism spectrum. The snag free hook and loop opening makes for easy access and with 6 sizes of the Body Pod there is a just right fit for everyone. Colors may vary. For ages 6 to 8 Years. Measures 44 x 27 inches.
  • Increases body awareness, strength, and creativity through the flow of movement
  • Creates a protective and imaginative space for children and adults
  • Excellent for tactile stimulation, sensory integration, body boundaries, and self-expression
  • Made of durable and elastic Lycra material
  • 1 Royal Blue Body Pod