Adapted Art

Inclusion in Art: Inspiring Every Student

Students of all abilities can build self-esteem and confidence that extends to everything they do. You’ll find a curated selection of adapted art education products, expert tips, and classroom-ready art lesson plans designed to include every student with confidence.

Adapted Art Teaching Strategies

Adaptive Art Resource Kits

Build Your Own Resource Kit

Create a collection of adapted art resources with this guide of tools and media to help students create art more independently.

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Fabric Ink for Printmaking

Adapted Printmaking Techniques

View tools that help students of varying abilities create rubbed impressions & relief prints, use stamp pads, and more.

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Workspace with Colored Pencils

Preparing the Workspace

Set students up for success with a comfortable art workspace. Meet everyone’s needs with these furniture and supply tips.

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Colorful Painted Flowers

Adapted Painting Techniques

This guide offers a sampling of products and techniques designed to make the joy of painting available to all students.

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Art Pencils with Grips

Grip Assistance and Find Motor Tools

Learn about grip strategies to make art tools more accessible, including customized grips & tools designed for easy handling.

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Child surrounded by Wikki Stix wax sculptures.

Wikki Stix in the Art Classroom

This guide provides a few of the countless possibilities Wikki Stix provides for art projects to students of varying abilities.

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Loop Adaptive Scissors

How to Choose Scissors

Strategies to help find the best scissors for students to use independently or help maximize their comfort when assisted.

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Bold Black and White Painting

Creating with Boundaries

Discover ways to create boundaries that can open creative opportunities, guiding students to successful results.

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Adapted Art Featured Products

Faber-Castell Watercolor Connector Paint Box

Great choice to minimize overwhelming options of too many paint colors to choose from.

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Watercolor Connector

Royal & Langnickel Aqua-Flo Watercolor Brushes

Brushes start as lines that can be turned into a painted effect, which can help students who struggle to control paint.

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Watercolor Brushes

Abilitations SlantScript BigBoard

A slantboard can bring the work surface closer to the student’s vision and physical accessibility.

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Student using a slantboard.

Wikki Stix

An art tool ideal for many uses including tracing and promoting fine motor skills.

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Wikki Stix Wax

Adapted Art Resources

Adaptive Art Webinars

Free Webinar

5 Quick Tips for Designing a More Inclusive Art Room

Make your art class more accessible for students with special needs.

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Adaptive Art Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

Browse adapted art lesson plans for grades 1-12 in a variety of mediums.

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Adaptive Art Lesson Plans

Art Lesson Video Tutorials

View step-by-step adapted art lesson plans come to life.